Facilities On Laboratary:

Farm Machinery and Farm Power Laboratories ::

I. Facilities Available for Study, operation Adjustment and Repair in Farm Machinery Laboratory

I.No. Specific Task Performing Facility Available
1.Study of Tillage implements: Primary and Secondary tillage implements, operation & adjustments
2.Study of earth workig equipment, viz. land leveler, trencher, soil pulverizer, puddler, etc.
3.Study of different types of sowing, planting, and transplanting equipments, eg, seed drills, planters
4.Study of different inter-cultivation equipment eg, hand hoes, wheel hoes, weeders, cultivators, etc.
5. Study of different types of sprayers and dusters; repairs and adjustments and operation of sprayers; Repairs and adjustments and operation of dusters
6.Study of harvesting tools and machines, like sickles, vertical conveyor reaper windrowers
7.Study of different types of threshers, winnowers, shellers, & decorticators; operation and adjustments
8.Practice of manufacturing methods in adjacent Workshop, for manufacture or repair of farm machines
9.Study of different types of mowers, their parts, adjustments, maintenance and repairs.
10.Study of Grass shredders designed and manufactured in the Faculty of Technology, UBKV.

II. Study, operation Adjustment & Repair Facilities Available in Farm Power Laboratory:

II.No. Practical Task Item/ Category
1.Study of Engine components and working of f- stroke & 2-stroke cycle engines; and Engine systems.
2.Study of tractor drive train system & its components from disassembled tractors
3. Study of tractor clutch - parts and design problem on clutch system
4.Study of different types of gear box; study of design problems on gear box
5. Study on differential & final drive; planetary gear systems
6. Study of brake systems and some design problems
7.Steering geometry and adjustments
8.Study of hydraulic systems on a tractor as well as hitching systems
9.Study of different gauges, meters and controls of tractor systems.
10.Study of tractor ballasting and preparation of for wet-land cultivation.
11.Hitching of various implements with tractor; then connecting PTO drive power to the attached rotary implements/ equipments, like rotavator, mower, power thresher, etc.
12.Study of hydraulic trailer and design problems
13.Study of tractor power outlets, viz, PTO drive system and drawbar.
14.Appraisal of various controls in different makes tractors
15.Study of solar energy gadgets & appliances; air heaters, water heating system, solar cookers
16.Study of Solar photo voltaic systems, solar lantern, solar fan; etc
16.Study of Wind mills and biogas (models).

Processing and Food Engineering (PFE) laboratory :: Processing and Food Engineering (PFE) laboratory is equipped with instruments like Hot air oven, Microwave oven, Grain sheller & polisher, Grain flour separator, etc. It serves as a unit for conducting practical classes of various courses. Students use the lab facilities for conducting experiments related to their project works and for developing several processed food products in hands on training program.

Some of the important facilities available in PFE lab:
            1. Drying.
            2. Grain shelling and polishing.
            3. Separation of wheat flour in different grades.
            4. Preparation of bakery products, fruit juice, etc.

Workshop:: The mechanical workshop under Faculty of Technology undertakes various jobs related to the manufacturing, repairing, and up-gradation of mechanical systems existing in the University. The workshop is equipped with modern machineries like lathe, milling, and shaping machines. There are also units like carpentry, welding, and casting to assist in different manufacturing and repairing processes.

Some Facilities available in the Workshop:
            1. Hands-on training for all the undergraduate students.
            2. The engineering performed in the mechanical workshop focuses on manufacturing different tools, machine parts, and laboratory equipments.
            3. Practical demonstration of various manufacturing processes to enhance the practical knowledge of the students.
            4. Students hone their manufacturing skills through different jobs
            5. Assistance in design and manufacturing of customized tools/equipments/machines as may be required in various projects

Computer Laboratory: The computational facilities available in the laboratory aim to give the students an opportunity for practical learning for better understanding of the basic concepts and constructs of computer programmes. The laboratory has the infrastructure to allocate one machine to each student. All computers are connected through the 1 GBPS LAN connectivity of the University. The laboratory also has access to the Wireless network. There are two separate computational laboratories dedicated to basic and advanced learning modules.

The practical classes of the following undergraduate courses are catered in the Computer Laboratory:
            1. Computer Programming and Data Structures (2nd semester)
            2. Advance Computer Science & Engineering (4th semester)
            3. Database Management and Internet Applications (5th semester)
            4. Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics (5th semester)
            5. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications (7th semester)